* It presents the genealogy of the cat over several generations.
He recognizes him as belonging to a race and gives him his status as a purebred cat.
The kittens of the Bosphorus cattery are guaranteed purebred!
Why a pedigree?
If you buy a purebred cat, we like to have proof of it purebred!
Given the price, it makes sense.
If you find kittens at 150 euros, there is a scam!
Already visits to the veterinarian for vaccines cost more than 150 euros.
If we offer you turkish Angora kites at less than 750 €, it is because in truth it is either angangas Turks consanguine with all known risks or in the genealogy another cat (ex: European cat) has returned in reproduction.
If you buy a Turkish Angora cat, it's to have a purebred cat and not a susceptible cat
to have consanguineous diseases or an ordinary cat.
Or take a kitten in the shelters!